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MTV just launched the web-video branch of its empire, with its whole archive available to stream and embed for bored office workers and link-happy bloggers everywhere. They're still ironing out the kinks—meaning half the videos will simply refuse to load—and it has the same problems MTV has always had (too mainstream, too much R&B, nothing by the Buzzcocks) but it’s worth spending a few minutes digging the archives.

At least, if you have a set of headphones handy…

David Bowie |MTV Music
There’s a reason Paul Smith is obsessed with Bowie. Glam is Year Zero for a whole generation of British designers. We only wish MTV had a few more T. Rex bootlegs.

Prince |MTV Music

One part James Brown, one part Jacko, and one part batshit insane, Prince is still the best thing MTV has going for it.

Michael Jackson |MTV Music
Jacko rocking the undersized bowtie 25 years before the rest of us caught on. Truly ahead of his time.

The White Stripes |MTV Music
Lo-Fi rockism is always a good idea. Especially when you’ve got a solild color scheme behind it.

Jay-Z |MTV Music

One of the two GQ Men of the Year to grace the site. And all the Outkast clips are still glitching. Hov!