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MTV just launched the web-video branch of its empire, with its whole archive available to stream and embed for bored office workers and link-happy bloggers everywhere. They're still ironing out the kinks—meaning half the videos will simply refuse to load—and it has the same problems MTV has always had (too mainstream, too much R&B, nothing by the Buzzcocks) but it’s worth spending a few minutes digging the archives.

At least, if you have a set of headphones handy…

There’s a reason Paul Smith is obsessed with Bowie. Glam is Year Zero for a whole generation of British designers. We only wish MTV had a few more T. Rex bootlegs.

One part James Brown, one part Jacko, and one part batshit insane, Prince is still the best thing MTV has going for it.

Jacko rocking the undersized bowtie 25 years before the rest of us caught on. Truly ahead of his time.

Lo-Fi rockism is always a good idea. Especially when you’ve got a solild color scheme behind it.

One of the two GQ Men of the Year to grace the site. And all the Outkast clips are still glitching. Hov!