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The Month in Pictures: July 2014

  • Kempt Staff


Before we say goodbye to July, we’d like to take a moment to remember some of the more handsome moments we shared... and the more Kemptressier moments.

So we’re breaking down a visual greatest hits of the best menswear, ladies, gear and iconography you may or may not have missed this month.

The Menswear: 072414_Tracksmith-Van-Courtland-Short Your Handsome New Running Gear

0723Capsule-Tsovet-Watches The Best New Watches at Capsule

0721Kempt-Hickorees-Japan-Pop-Up An All-Japanese Shop Pops Up in Brooklyn

The Gear: 071614_Weiss-Watches The Most American-Made Watches on Earth

071514_Baseball-Hed Upping Your Baseball Game This Summer

070814_Summer-Belt-6 The Six Belts to Consider This Summer

The Kemptresses: 0729Kempt-Pirelli-Calendar-2015-Anna-EwersSneak Peek: The 2015 Pirelli Calendar

071814_Sara-Sampaio-6 The Friday Kemptress: Sara Sampaio

070314_Merica-Kate-Upton-6#Merica Week Kemptress: Kate Upton

The Iconography: 072214_Billy-Crystal-Style-5 Borrowing Billy Crystal’s Style in When Harry Met Sally 071814_Apollo-11-Style-hed Apollo 11 Style

070814_Seinfeld-Style 25 Style Lessons from Seinfeld 25 Years Later

070214_Patriotic-Steve-Mcqueen Style Icons Being Patriotic