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The Month in Pictures


It’s been another good month here on Kempt. (That’s right, it’ll be June tomorrow.)

And while it might have felt like May just flew by in a technicolor-jockeyed, unlined-blazered, patterned-short blur, we’d like to take a moment to remember some of the more handsome moments. So we’re firing up the Kempt DeLorean and taking a quick drive down recent memory lane in this new month-ending recap we like to call...

The Month in Pictures.

(Click each photo to read the story it headlined.)

Archie 531

Derby 531

LeBron 531

Duran-Duran 531

Bowie 531

George Carlin 531

Mothers Day 531

Unlined Blazer 531

Sunglasses 531

Flings 531

Joel Edgerton 531

Apron 531

Vacation 531

Playlist 531

  • Kempt Staff