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The Military’s Military Watch

  • Najib Benouar

The military field watch has become the summer timepiece de rigueur in most menswear circles, and a lot of companies have set out to recreate that look, updating the inner workings with today’s technology (be it quartz or automatic movement). But we’re of the mind that there’s nothing better than the real thing—even if that does require you to manually rewind the movement daily.

Which is why we like this Benrus number—part of a new stash of timepieces that have just arrived at Americana-phile wonderland Buckshot Sonny’s. What’s nice is they seem to have really zeroed in on Vietnam-era watches made for US infantrymen, and this watch in particular was built on military contract MIL-W-3818B (we actually tracked down a copy of the US DOD spec sheet). It’s authenticity you can’t readily buy in most men’s shops. And since the watches were designed for the balmy punishment of Southeast Asian jungles, once summer rolls around this’ll feel much breezier than the crocodile or metal you’ve got wrapped around your wrist now.

And it’s much more subtle than camo print.