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The Man with the Golden Jaw


As design, anatomy lessons can get a little tedious, unless you find away to add some glamour.

For this ashtray—yes, it’s an ashtray—Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons go for quantity. Taking a page from Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted skull, the piece was cast from an actual jawbone, with a small black diamond and designer crest implanted into the bottom. The front teeth have gaps for cigarettes and larger cigars can rest behind the molars or in the jaw-notches above.

The man behind Black Sheep is Derrick R. Cruz, who favors precious metals and scrimshaw work. We first noticed him for his work at THECAST--coincidentally, where this ashtray first appeared—but he’s come to greater fame in the past few months, winning GenArt’s accessories award for 2007 and getting his work into Barney’s and Earnest Sewn in New York and American Rag in Los Angeles.