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The Man Who Sold the World


While the gentlemen of Mad Men continue their descent, the present-day ad world has seen quite a shakeup. This summer, Alex Bogusky quit advertising, supposedly for good, ending one of the most storied careers in modern advertising. Why? According to today’s profile in Fast Company, he wants to, you know, stop lying all the time.

After a 2006 move to Boulder—perfectly described as “Whole Foods metastasized into an entire town”—Bogusky’s focusing his energies on the Slow Food movement and projects like Good Guide as penance for all those Coke Zero and Burger King spots. It’s not a story, but as he fancies it the sudden attack of conscience could be a new kind of midlife crisis for the creative class…which would mean a lot of gray-haired industrial designers packing up and moving to Portland.