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The Man and his Gadgetry


The appeal of Bond has always had more to do with the man’s accoutrements than his geopolitical nuance, but it’s taken surprisingly long for all that swag to be gathered into one place.

Apparently that day is here. Allow us to introduce Bond Lifestyle, a one-stop compendium gathering together everything from the man’s favored cologne (according to Fleming, anyway) to the Swiss villa that provided the setting for Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The catalogue is somewhat skewed towards the more recent (and more thoroughly branded) movies, but you can still find a replica of the Trilby Hat from *Doctor No* or the two-button gray suit in *From Russia With Love*.

The other options range from the absurd (a 1/8th scale Aston Martin) to the troubling (who knew you could buy a Walther PPK online?) to the downright creepy (a Bond passport with visa stamps included), but the overall result is a comprehensive look at the gear the makes the man.

As you can tell from the picture, the results may vary.