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The Madness Is Spreading

Georgetown x NC State

A lot happened over the weekend—and not just the near-fatal damage to your March Madness bracket. We’re thinking of St. Patrick’s Day chaos in Canada, a new German president and, perhaps most importantly, the world’s first official case of death by pinto bean.

Georgetown x NC StateEVERYONE’S BRACKET IS RUINED: After two rounds of play, this year’s March Madness has produced two 15-2 upsets (that would be Lehigh over Duke and Norfolk State over Missouri). Saturday night, we added another bracket-buster to the list, as the 11-seed NC State triumphed over the third-ranked Georgetown, prompting the Wall Street Journal to dub them “the Monet of choke artists”—although given their shooting, Jackson Pollock might be more appropriate. See the full bracket for the rest of the scores.

St. Patrick'sSEA OF GREEN: St. Pat’s arrived on Saturday, and in a stunning twist, Boston’s annual parade was placid and well behaved, while London, Ontario, descended into Gaelic chaos, including a torched car. Sometimes the news throws you a curveball like that.

Joachim GauckHAIL TO DER CHIEF: As of last night, Germany has a new president. Former Lutheran pastor Joachim Gauck won the congressional election on Sunday with 991 out of 1228 votes. German politicos describe him as a right-leaning moderate, an activist and a silver fox.

Also, Occupy Wall Street flared up again and a man was crushed to death by a mountain of pinto beans.

Consider this your Monday morning wake-up call.