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The Longhairs

On the heels of Fashion Week, Daily Intel has spotted an interesting trend: models with shoulder-length hair, even at shows for otherwise classic brands like Steven Alan and Tommy Hilfiger.

Intel’s got a bunch of theories, including the down economy and the decline of the clean-cut banker—and Don Draper types—but we know Italian style when we see it, and we’re going to call this as one more example of Continental Drift.

We should start with a wet-blanket disclaimer: some of these models are working the same working the same avant-Alexander Wang look that’s been a presence on runways for decades. But we agree that there’s something else this year, and we’re chalking it up to the increased influence of Milan.

The gentleman below is the perfect example, snapped by Tommy Ton at this summer’s Pitti Uomo. If you were lucky enough to be wandering through Milan this June, you’d have spotted quite a few gentlemen with shoulder-length locks, almost all locals. It’s of a piece with the indulgent luxury of the Italian style—just think of what they must spend on conditioner—but it’s been slow to catch on stateside outside of the male model crowd. If you’re a minimalist designer looking to show off your sprezzatura, on the other hand, it’s a pretty canny play.

Fabio would be proud.