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The Longest (and Creepiest) Beard Ever

Longest Beard

To all you Movember men: You’re supporting a great cause, but don’t get all cocky about the length of your ’stache after two weeks.

Not without first meeting Hans Langseth, aka “King Whiskers,” whose 17-and-a-half-foot beard remains the longest facial hair ever grown by a man. (Vivian Wheeler of Wood River, Illinois, grew hers to 11 inches, God bless her soul.)

According to, which exists, “Hans (pronounced to rhyme with dance) used to roll it up and tuck it into his coat or vest, which hid much of it” when he was farming. But every so often, when traveling with a local circus show, King Whiskers would let it all hang out, prompting numerous nonbelievers to tug on the ratty mane to see if it was, in fact, real.

Since that's a little impractical in the modern age, we've rounded up a newsreel and a vintage photo as proof.

Hans Langseth