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The Lennon Tapes

We’ve been on a John Lennon kick ever since his birthday this past weekend, and it’s led us to one of the better gems the Web has to offer.

Apparently Jann Wenner managed to sit down with Lennon for a three-hour interview in 1970, covering everything from the old Liverpool scene to the true definition of “a mood song.” And since the Web is generous, it’s all on iTunes for free.

It’s the kind of interview you don’t hear anymore—brutally honest and completely indifferent to how anyone else might feel about what he’s saying. If you don’t believe us, check six minutes into the second tape, when he gives an almost embarrassingly direct take on his own guitar playing, and a few hints as to the artistic and personal frustrations he was facing down in the Plastic Ono Band years.

And apparently “Daytripper” is actually about drugs.