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The Last Great Mixer


Home bars in the '60s had all sorts of goodies that didn’t make it into the modern age—crème de menthe, anyone?—but here’s one that’s due for a revival: old school seltzer.

Forget those store bought twist-top versions. Next to this, they’re practically Evian. A real bottled seltzer is so carbonated it shoots out of the bottle like a rocket, and stings your throat on the way down. More importantly, it does amazing things to scotch and it’s the only proper way to make an egg cream.

You can usually pick some up for around two bucks a bottle…but finding a bottler is easier said than done. In the age of supermarket twist-offs, they’re a dying breed—which makes a good one that much more of a gem. Brooklyn’s Gomberg Seltzer Works is one of the last in New York, but if you’re out of range you may have some legwork in your future. Trust us: it’s worth it.