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The Kilting


It’s always nice to see an entire event devoted to a single item of clothing. And we’ve always had a soft spot for the kilt in particular…

So we had high hopes for Dressed to Kilt, a charity fashion show put on by Homecoming Scotland 2009, and boasting more tartan than we’ve ever seen in one place.

Of course, we were most impressed by the GEICO caveman—we were big fans of the show—but there were a few other noteworthy models too.


Bernie Williams—yes, that Bernie Williams—actually made one of the better scenes on the runway, celebrating his Scottish/Puerto Rican heritage in a Lochcarron kilt called the NYC Tartan. In all, it was probably the best kilt of the night…and that’s out of a couple hundred choices.


And, naturally, we were amazed to see Obama Girl in person. Somehow, we thought she’d be a cabinet member by now…