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The Kempt Style Recap

  • Kempt Staff

082914_Lost-Boy-MiamiThis week’s most stylish intel from our brothers-in-arms at UrbanDaddy.

1. Jeans and hot sauce in Miami. An off-the-beaten-path warehouse in Downtown Miami is reborn as Lost Boy Dry Goods, stocking rugged jeans, button-downs and, yes, hot sauce. (Read more here.)

082914_Ministry-Supply2. Shirts made by robots. A motley crew of MIT grads, Ministry of Supply, is using technology to upgrade your basics—with polos knit by robots. (Read more here.)

082914_No-Label-Shoe3. Walking in anonymity. A new LA-based shoemaker by the name of No Label Shoe Co. is making the sort of low-key footwear your autumnal strolls require. (Read more here.)

082914_Jetset4. The best meal of your life x 8. The globetrotters at UD Jetset handpick the eight best new restaurants on planet earth. And you’re probably out of their delivery range. (Read more here.)

082914_Woodman-LA5. Your new favorite beer and burger tavern in LA. It’s a rustic, antler-forward roadhouse that’s filled with unusual beers and bacon-topped burgers. Oh, it’s called the Woodman. Look it up next time you’re in town. (Read more here.)