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The Kempt Style Recap

  • Kempt Staff


This week’s most stylish intel from our brothers-in-arms at UrbanDaddy.

081514_New-England-shops1. These are New England’s finest men’s shops. The gents out in Boston took one handsome road trip to find the five best men’s shops from Rhode Island to Maine. (Read more here.)

081514_Billykirk-shop2. Billykirk finally goes brick-and-mortar in NYC. Blogger darling and online-only leather shop Billykirk has finally found a home on NYC’s Lower East Side. And it’s beautiful. (Read more here.)

081514_Bratwait-watches3. Your new watch, courtesy of the 1600s, kinda. Introducing Brathwait, a handsome new line of minimalist watches inspired by the guy who wrote the book on being a gentleman (seriously, way back in the 17th century), Richard Brathwait. (Read more here.)

081514_Megans-Mark4. Local Atlanta girl makes good... leather bags and pencil holders and things. A self-taught leathersmith from Atlanta by the name of Megan has just set up shop on Etsy selling fine Italian leather crafted into handsome goods. (Read more here.)

081514_Sushi-tsujita5. Just a really stylish sushi joint in LA. Next time you’re in Tinseltown, make sure to check out this crazy angular, bamboo-draped beehive of a Japanese restaurant... (Read more here.)