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The Kempt Guide to Your Thanksgiving Weekend

  • Najib Benouar

You did it. You survived Thanksgiving. Now what?

You could join the fray of rabid consumers... or you could catch up on your Kempt, with a few timely reads from the archives that should help you make it through the weekend—like some prescient sweatpants advice, football talk with John Elway or something magical we like to call T.Hanks-giving. Without further ado:

The five Kempt posts to guide you through your Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy:

Hey, It’s T.Hanks-giving: Don’t forget to round up your old chums and a Tom Hanks flick, and get to celebrating.

Put On Some Pants... Sweatpants: Here are the five best sweatpants options for the tryptophan-induced coma you’re still recovering from.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: Shed one single tear and put away your motherfucking gourds. It’s officially time to cover your house in tinsel.

You’re Still Ready for Some Football: But first, catch up with John Elway on NFL style, locker room antics and that new law in Denver...

In the Winter of Autumn: If you haven’t fully prepared yourself for the fall-winter transition, now is your last chance to do these five things.

Have fun. See you on Monday, when we’ll return to our regularly scheduled handsomeness.