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The Kempt Guide to Wristwear

We’re in favor of flourishes.

So when gentlemen started adorning their wrists with colorful strings, beads and leather straps, there was a lot to like. It was spontaneous, and it was good. But with $100 lanyards flooding into boutiques, we thought it might be time to separate the inspired from the trendy.

So without further ado, our two cardinal rules concerning wristwear. Take them to heart.

Keep It Slim: Our main problem with keeping a few ounces of leather on our wrists has to do with sweat. After a few summer days, a chunky leather strap like this one is liable to get a little sticky. We need room to ventilate. That’s why we like our adornments as slim as possible, along the lines of this hooked bracelet.

Have a Story: This is the cardinal rule for accessories of all kinds, just like your granddad’s wristwatch or the tie clip you got for graduation. It’s what writers mean when they say “lived in.” Here’s a prime example: Our resident watch expert, Mr. Benouar, picked up a few Bonfim ribbons in Brazil a while back, tied them on and never took them off. Two of the three ribbons have worn away, but the last one has sat on his wrist for more than three years, now just a tattered red string. It’s the kind of personality you can’t buy…although a ticket to South America would be a good start.