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The Kempt Guide to Ensuring a Well-Attended Holiday Party

  • Najib Benouar

In the event that you’re romancing the idea of throwing a holiday party, you should plan on sending out invites by week’s end.

And since we’re here to help you win the holidays—this time, by filling your party with top-tier friends—we’d like to suggest putting pen to pad and sending real-life invites on honest-to-God flammable paper. (Stick with us here.)

The digital age has made it easy to ramble off a few nondescript lines and mass-message your nearest and dearest 437 online friends. But sitting down with a pen and pad should help give a more personal touch to each invitation, guaranteed to win over the people you really want to attend—and make you rethink the size of your guest list. (For party guests, like for most things, it’s best to favor quality over quantity.) And since there are a lot of competing festivities this time of year, you want anything that will give your party the edge. Like the tactile joy of engraved cardstock coupled with your finest handwritten bons mots. (Bonus points for cursive.)

And don’t think your cards have to be stamped with a Douglas fir just because it’s the holidays. A few Kempt-approved stationers to get you started...

Almanac Industries:Go for a simple engraved initial—just make sure your recipient knows what “M” is short for (and an address would be a good idea, too).

Greenwich Letterpress:Fir trees aren’t necessary, but a moose doesn’t hurt.

Terrapin Stationers:Lots of great options here from this #menswear darling—especially if your guests don’t take themselves too seriously.