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The Kempt Five: Inaugural Edition

  • Kempt Staff


You might think we’re all selvage denim and bespoke suits over here at Kempt HQ, and not unfairly so. But we’re starting to think it’s high time you got a bit of a deeper look into what really makes us tick. So starting today, we’re going to give you a piece of our minds.

Actually, more like five pieces.

Every Wednesday from here on out, we’ll present you with five things that we’ve had our wandering eyes on recently. And what defines “things,” you ask? Well, really, nothing is off-limits. Given we find it cool, or interesting, or downright beautiful, it’s got as good of a shot as any of making the list. New collections or gallery shows, a novel we’ve been reading, an album drop or even just a damn fine pair of pants—you’ll see quickly that our interests are as varied as the next guy’s. And it’s time we celebrated that accordingly.

So do us a favor and join us as we introduce our newest, and most personal, weekly feature: The Kempt Five.

The Warby Parker Jaspers:Warby Parker“I can’t see for shit. Also, I can’t stand the idea of contacts. Most of the time, thanks to the wonders of modern science, these are not problems. But when the sun is bright, I can’t just throw on a pair of aviators and head out. I need something with a prescription, which is... well, a pain. That’s why I kept the same prescription shades for 15 years, even though I hated them and never wore ’em. But for a recent trip, I decided to update my game. I’d heard a lot about Warby Parker, and the experience lived up to the billing—I hit their store in SoHo (prescription in hand, though they have an optician on site) and walked out with an order for these Jaspers. They arrived a few days later (and even managed my rush order via prompt Twitter/email customer service), and ultimately earned me an eccellente compliment: more than a few Italians asked me for directions—in their native tongue.” —P.L.U.

Rain Room at MoMA PS1:Rain Room“I went there this weekend, and what it felt like was the opposite of that image where it’s only raining on you. And for the less-than-ideal day that I was having at the time, it was a really nice sensation to have. The effect is awesome, and it’s definitely one of the most fun immersive art pieces I’ve experienced. Let’s just say I’m not the ‘art gallery for fun’ type of guy, so that’s big.” —S.P.

Kurt Vonnegut: Letters:Vonnegut“I’m reading it now and it’s serving as a kind of annotation/glossary for everything I’ve read by Vonnegut. Edited and compiled by Dan Wakefield, it’s broken down by decade starting from the ’40s and covers his correspondence with family members, friends, editors, critics, other writers and the like—it really gives you a kind of behind-the-scenes view of the evolution of his etymology. It’s pretty incredible.” —C.G.

Diplo’s Endless Summer Playlist:Diplo“Ninety-eight tracks. Six and a half hours of continuous electronica. And with each track meticulously and deliberately chosen by the esteemed tastemaker, every second of it perfect. This gem made coming back from the long weekend all the more bearable.” —S.P.

Gustin:Gustin“This new denim-and-handmade-leather-goods company out of California launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce selvage denim back in February, and it became the most successful clothing-related campaign in the site’s history. They just launched their full line and website, and the model is something cool I’ve never seen before: they’ve set up their own Kickstarter for each item they make. Customers vote every item into production by “backing it,” and only when it’s fully funded are they charged. And although you can’t order more once it’s funded, they’ll do repeat campaigns for the next run of an item. Also of note is that they’re getting all of their denim from Cone Mills, which is literally the best US denim purveyor, kicking in North Carolina since 1895. Sure, it’s a little ‘denim nerdy,’ but I’m really digging them right now.”