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The Kempt Five

  • Caitlin Ganswindt
  • Najib Benouar

Elvis Costello and The Roots

Every Wednesday from here on out, we’re giving you a piece of our minds. Actually, more like five pieces. It’s a chance to get a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick—you know, beyond the usual Internet handsomeness we’re serving up daily. So welcome to our most personal weekly feature: The Kempt Five.

Without further ado, the shoes, tunes and drink garnishes we’re digging this week.

Suede KicksSuede Kicks. “Preferably in a sandy tone that splits the difference between desert boots and dirty white bucks. Which should land you with the most versatile shoe in your summer arsenal—whether they’re brogues, double monks or tassel loafers—you can wear them into the office without raising a brow and then continue to wear them into the weekend without looking like a stiff. Socks optional.” —N.B.

“Walk Us Uptown.” “The first track from the upcoming collaboration album Wise Up Ghost from Elvis Costello and the Roots dropped yesterday from Blue Note Records. It’s a jazzy kind of funk with an up-tempo melody, feels the way I’d like to imagine August 1973 in NYC to be. I dig it, totally an anthem for the rest of summer.” —C.G.

DrinksThat Herb: “There is nothing more refreshing than sipping on some lemonade on a hot summer’s afternoon. What makes it better? Sprucing it up with some fresh rosemary or basil leaves. Not only does it look fancy, but it tastes amazing and will impress the hell out of your guests. Throw fresh herbs in with a little gin, or if you’re feeling fancy, some Grand Marnier. You’re just a man. Living off the land.” —I.I.

Eephus League ScorecardsEephus League Scorecards. “Keeping score by hand: we’ve endorsed it for bowling. Naturally, we do the same for baseball. In fact, you can find Eephus League scorecards linked in that very post. Well, I had occasion to use those for the first time recently—at a rain-delayed, nearly-five-hour minor league showdown in Brooklyn—and good God, is it a revelation. Just handsome, intuitive and... well, totally nerdy. But hey, a guy’s gotta have passions, right?” —P.L.U.

SocksSocks. “The heat: relentless. (We may have mentioned that already.) But finally, this sort of cool-ish Manhattan weather means wearing socks again. And not a moment too soon—our shoes were starting to stink, despite our best intentions.” —P.L.U.