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The Kempt Five

  • Jeff Dufour
  • Najib Benouar


Every Wednesday we’re giving you a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick. We call it: The Kempt Five.

081314_Belstaff-ReproofNew England Reproofers. “I have a Belstaff jacket that is basically my second skin for eight months of the year. I’ve never loved a garment as much as I love it. But as I was putting it away for the summer, I realized perhaps I’ve loved it too much? It had some sizable tears and was in dire need of a re-waxing. And though we’ve heralded the DIY method of re-waxing in these pages before, I decided I needed a pro. Enter New England Reproofers, a phenomenal service that does repairs and re-waxing by hand. I sent them my jacket, they quoted me a fair price, and a couple weeks later my jacket returned to me. The tears were repaired so well that I could barely find evidence that they’d existed in the first place, and the fresh coat of wax feels ready to repel any elements come fall. And it looks incredible. I was reminded of a line from the great New England–set film State and Main: ‘I will get it all spruced up for you. Good as new. Better than new because it has some history.’” —A.P.B.

081314_Unionmade_CandleUnionmade KML Candle. “So I was at Unionmade the other day, just cleaning up on the end-of-season-sale popovers, and this magnificent smell kept wafting into my dressing room. Turns out, it was the candle they made with Baxter of California a while back. So I picked one up on the way out. It lends a deep woodsy scent that you’d usually have to wait for fall to get in real life. When it comes to cultivating some pre-autumnal vibes, it sure beats wearing tweed in early August.” —N.B.

081314_Ralph-Lauren-SS15Ralph Lauren Does It Again... Again. “The unveiling of his spring/summer 2015 collections today is just another reminder that the man can do no wrong. Just look at this Purple Label three-piece suit. In denim. Denim.” —N.B.

081314_Particle-FeverParticle Fever. “This documentary premiered earlier this year, and it should have gotten more attention—much like the story it tells. And that story is this: In the mid-’60s, an obscure physicist named Peter Higgs theorized the existence of a tiny, fleeting particle that would provide one of the last missing pieces in the field of quantum physics. Fast-forward four decades, and here we have literally thousands of scientists spending years of their lives and billions of dollars smashing protons into each other under the Swiss countryside to see if he was right. Spoiler alert: he was. It’s an Apollo 11–level story of human achievement of the kind we rarely see anymore. Fascinating.” —J.D. The Many Battles of Nina Simone. “Recommending an article from The New Yorker here feels a bit like recommending, oh, breathing oxygen or eating food. But still: Claudia Roth Pierpont’s piece in the newest issue captivated me from start to finish, illuminating the life of a woman whose work I know, but whose real life I was only passingly familiar with. If you’ve any interest in jazz, rock, the nuances of race in America—or hell, even if (especially if) you don’t—treat yourself. And then give this version of ‘Four Women,’ live in Harlem in 1969, a watch.” —P.LU.