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The Kempt Five

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Every Wednesday we’re giving you a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick. We call it: The Kempt Five.

“Bo Jackson Says Hello,” 25 Years Ago. “We watch the (mostly) inconsequential MBL All-Star game every year in hopes of seeing some of the game’s best athletes do something awe-inspiring. Though, if last night were any indication, Fox thought we were all watching the game to hear endless gushing about Derek Jeter. (He’s still very alive, mind you, and Tony Gwynn didn’t get even as much as a passing mention in memoriam.) To cut to the chase: the clip above is why we watch. And it’s worth rewatching 25 years later... In 1989, a young stud by the name of Bo stepped to the plate in his very first (and only) appearance in the All-Star game. Ronald Reagan happened to be in the announcer’s booth with Vin Scully—it was a simpler time—and what happened next was enough to leave two of our nation’s most legendarily verbose men in awe.” —N.B.

071614_Beltology-BeltBeltology Inside Informant. “Recently in need of a new summer belt, I decided to try out one of Beltology’s braided numbers that I’d been hearing good things about—from The Wall Street Journal and others. While I was tempted to go for one of the flashier multicolor options, I ultimately went with this blue one that’s bright enough to feel summery yet still passable year-round. It’s everything one needs in a belt: looks good and keeps my pants around my waist comfortably. (Even after a big meal, thanks to a little give in the braided material.)” —N.B.

071614_Ralph-Lauren-PoloA Ralph Lauren Piqué Cotton Polo. “I’m wearing a navy blue one right now that’s at least six years old. I’ve worn it to work, on dates, on camping trips, to the gym, everywhere—well, never at an actual polo match, but still. I’ve beaten it to hell and it fits just as well, if not better, than day one. Scoff all you want at the logo (I certainly have myself), it’s a tough sonofabitch.” —J.W.

071614_Pomada-CocktailThe Pomada. “When I die, you can go ahead and embalm me in this frozen cocktail, which I first had at the incomparable El Quinto Pino here in NYC. The drink, which originated in Majorca, taste like a basil lemonade Slurpee... if Slurpees contained deceptively large amounts of gin. It’s summer in a glass. And I’ll only drink them in sets of six.” —A.P.B. 071614_Ring-Bone-WelchRing of Bone: Collected Poems, Lew Welch. “I picked up this gem at McNally Jackson Books on Prince Street, and can’t seem to put it down. I’m a Beat Generation buff and was introduced to Lew while browsing through the poetry section. He was well-known amongst the Beat poets, and Kerouac actually based the character David Wain off of Lew in his novel Big Sur. It’s very Ginsberg-esque, and filled with poems, songs and some drawings. Also paired well with some bourbon on the rocks.” —B.M.