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  • Caitlin Ganswindt
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The Official Shirt of Summer.Gitman Vintage, short sleeved. That’s all I’m wearing these days. I picked up one (a collaboration with The Hill-side) last summer from Wittmore, and the floral pattern/extra-short sleeves were a bit outside my comfort zone. But I went with it, and by the time this summer rolled around I was ready to wear it all the time—the shirt made me feel like a mix of Joe Strummer circa 1981 and Elvis Presley circa 1965. (Not easy for a desk jockey.) But rather than do that (and embrace the inevitable stink of wearing the same shirt all summer), I picked up a few more thanks to the sales going on at every on-point online menswear shop right now. I’d encourage you to do the same—and to then kindly refrain from wearing one in my zip code.” —P.L.U.

0702Kempt-Five-The-Official-Sock-of-SummerThe Official Sock of Summer. “To paraphrase Flannery O’Connor: a good short sock is hard to find. But when Nick Wooster endorsed J.Crew’s short socks in his recent Times Style profile, I figured what the hell and gave ’em a try. After just one day of wearing them, I’m ready to make like Nick and get as many as I can afford—unlike a lot of no-show socks, they legitimately don’t show. And the value of dodging summer shoe stink is priceless.” —P.L.U.

0702Kempt-Five-Louie-Louis-CKWitnessing Gorgeous Awkwardness. “I finally caught up with and finished this season of Louie, and I endorse it from feet to balls to the highest heights of my longest hair. I’ve read a lot (like, a lot) of shit on the Internet about this little-watched but oft-discussed show, and frankly, the discourse is so many levels below where the show is operating at, it’s embarrassing. So pay no mind. Go watch it now. Witness the awkwardness. Swim in every shade of gray. Embrace the nuance. This is Mad Men for the chubby, middle-class and contemporary American (especially the New Yorker). You’re watching a real life be lived and chronicled about as well as such a thing can be done, and it’s fucking gorgeous.” —G.R.

0702Kempt-Five-Red-Cross-Ladies-Normandy-LandingThis Picture. “Saw this on Tumblr the other day, captioned ‘Normandy landing that you didn’t see.’ (Red Cross ladies arriving; it’s pretty badass.)” —J.R.

0702Kempt-Five-Bucklers-Daily-Face-RepairBuckler’s Daily Face Repair. “It’s tough finding a good face moisturizer for summer months—too thin and it’s not doing the job, too thick and it’ll drown your morning commute. So I’m pretty pumped to report that The Motley just dropped this little gem. After a solid week and a half of use, I can say it’s striking the perfect balance. Consider it a bonus summer must-have.” —C.G.