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The Kempt Five

  • Eric Twardzik
  • Jason Wire
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Every Wednesday we’re giving you a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick. We call it: The Kempt Five.

061814_Havea-ChipsHave’a Corn Chips. “True story: I spent the coldest winter nights of my life in a stupid yurt in stupid Marfa around stupid New Year’s Eve. Stupid. Anyway, there was one redeeming thing: these chips, served in El Cosmico’s lobby, which were as tasty and fresh as I’ve had out of a bag. Like an idiot, I didn’t write the name down, but came across them in the recent issue of a men’s magazine. (Hint: rhymes with Smeetails.) Anyway, they’re good, and they’re on Amazon, and you should have some. End of story.” —P.L.U.

061814_Enzoni-NegroniThe Enzoni. “Of all the Negroni remixes trending out there right now, this one is by far the summeriest (although I drink it year round). Gin, Campari, muddled grapes, with a little lemon juice and simple syrup. Served at the proper temperature (frigid) and with the proper sipping apparatus (metal straw), it does a bitter-tart-sweet somersault in your mouth while keeping that familiar hint of gin all the way through. (Note: You can substitute strawberries, blackberries or any other tart fruit in place of grapes. Just don’t substitute poor gin.)” —J.W.

061814_Shaving-routineDevelop a Shaving Affectation. “Shaving is a chore that covers your face in blood if you don’t do it right. Or shaving can be a highly private ritual carried out with theatric grandeur. Basically, you have to shave. Might as well make the experience your own, and savor it. Throw out your Gillette can and get a brush. Find a tub of cream in some archaic scent and use it forever. Develop theme music. Listen to opera like you’re some movie villain. Spotify some dead bluesman you’ve never heard of. Try not to cut your face.” —E.T.

PHOTO_USA-1994-World-CupUSA’s 1994 World Cup Jerseys. “I’ll admit I’ve been stricken with World Cup fever (and the only prescription is more World Cup). And seeing the US take the field the other day (and win!) reminded me of the first time I can remember watching them take the field, in 1994. Wearing their infamous ‘denim kits’ that were immediately deemed the most hideous soccer jerseys ever made—not a great first impression for the host national team. But I loved them. And I think they’ve only gotten better with time. I’m currently scouring the Internet for one in my size to wear when rooting on Team USA after making it into the round of 16. Yep, I said it.” —N.B.

061814OJ-White-BroncoSpeaking of June 17, 1994... “It was the day Team USA kicked off the 1994 World Cup in Chicago. Arnold Palmer played his last round of US Open golf. The NY Rangers held their Stanley Cup ticker tape parade. Game 5 in the NBA finals between the Rockets and Knicks. And it was the day O.J. drove a white Bronco right down the middle of it all. That was 20 years ago this week (yesterday, to be exact). Even if you’ve already seen this 30 for 30, it’s as good a reason as any to rewatch it. If you haven’t, do yourself the favor ASAP.” —N.B.