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The Kempt Five

  • Caitlin Ganswindt
  • Jessica Rusinak
  • Najib Benouar
  • Sam Eichner


Every Wednesday we’re giving you a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick. We call it: The Kempt Five.

The Resurrection of Mango. “As seen in yesterday’s CFDA coverage, Chris Kattan’s Mango has returned to the limelight. In a bizarre amalgamation of supermodels, style and ’90s sketch, Alexander Wang presents his latest campaign for T by Alexander Wang (video above). The whole thing feels like an erratic acid trip—the kind you’re willing to take for a ride. Chock-full of random-ass cameos (a Real Housewife, Sharaya J, Sean Avery, Behati Prinsloo, etc.), it plays out as a sort of Mad Hatter’s tea party for the fashion sect. It’s just... yeah. Something to be seen.” —C.G.

0604Kempt-Five-Urban-Farmer-Cleveland-OhioUrban Farmer (Cleveland, OH). “I’ve never really given much thought to the great land of Ohio—just another flyover state between living in California and NYC, I thought—but then, suddenly, I found myself taking in the sights of Cleveland and Columbus last weekend to visit a few friends who’d randomly moved to each city around the same time for different reasons. The first: a chef opening a restaurant in Cleveland called Urban Farmer. I had the distinct pleasure of dining there and getting a Goodfellas-esque tour through the kitchen and behind-the-scenes action. The locally sourced steaks were superb. There’s a cheese cart doling out delicious hunks of cheese and charcuterie tableside while you cocktail. And the vibe definitely felt hipper than I had ever imagined Cleveland would be. Definitely worth a stop if you ever find yourself in the Sixth City. Also worth a stop: West Side Market.” —N.B.

0604Kempt-Five-Homage-Columbus-Ohio Homage (Columbus, OH). “Then it was on to Columbus. Duly impressed once again. Especially by the operation run by the hometown heroes at Homage. The shop itself, tucked away on a brick-lined side street, is cool as heck. They’ve got an old NBA Jam arcade game ready to be fired up, a retro Mexican Coke dispenser and racks of their vintage-style gear with local spirit (imagine if every 30 for 30 were set in Ohio and spun into tees, sweatshirts and koozies instead of on film). Picked up a Ten Cent Beer Night shirt and souvenir cup—perfectly timed to celebrate today: the 40th anniversary of that ill-fated night of sports lore.” —N.B.

0604Kempt-Five-Cold-Brew-CoffeeMaking Coffee in the Fridge. “Since moving into my current place and not bringing along a coffee machine of any sort (no counter space), my at-home caffeine habit’s been supplied by weak tea and questionable instant coffees. Not ideal. Then recently I read that you could make cold-brew coffee in the fridge with just a jar and a strainer. I used a mini French press to test things out (current experiment parameters: 1/4 c coffee grounds, 1 1/2 c water, brew overnight), and it’s actually turned out pretty damn good, over ice or heated up. Supposedly it’s good for over a week if you make a large batch, too. Going to need a bigger jar...” —J.R.

0604Kempt-Five-FM-RadioThe Return to FM Radio. “I’ve been driving a lot lately, and without the (embarrassingly minimal) technical wherewithal necessary to connect my iPod to my car stereo, I’ve been forced to scrounge the radio for musical diversion. FM radio might be hopelessly anachronistic by most people's standards, but as a recent-college-grad-in-transition, it’s offered a much-needed dip into those wistful high school summers, brimming with nothingness and devoid of crippling existential angst. Add to that the pent-up excitement of hearing that one good song out of a million ‘Timber’ repeats—yesterday it was campfire classic ‘Wonderwall’—and you’ve got a nostalgic solution for being too damn lazy to find that stupid cord. Or, God forbid, a chance to practice singing ‘Timber’ for your next karaoke outing...” —S.E.