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The Kempt Five

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John Oliver guest hosting The Daily Show.

Every Wednesday we’re giving you a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick. We call it: The Kempt Five.

050714_Esquire-Shaving-Virna-LisiA Shaving Style Icon We Missed. “1. For many years we operated under the assumption that this image—Esquire’s March 1965 cover—showed Marilyn Monroe shaving. It turns out we are, in fact, idiots. It’s Italian actress Virna Lisi, and you’re forgiven for never having heard of her. 2. Still, Marilyn or not: pretty damn iconic. 3. And hey, we never said they had to be male style icons. 4. For more than you ever wanted to know about the making of this, well, iconic image, read the story behind it here.” —P.L.U.

050714_Suede-BroguesTime to Break Out the Suede Again. “Now that April showers are firmly in the rearview, it’s finally time to start really embracing summer-wear starting from the ground up, with a pair of suede shoes. You might want to hold off on the white bucks till Memorial Day, but a nice sandy tone should land you with the most versatile shoe in your summer arsenal—whether they’re brogues, double monks or loafers. Add socks to taste.” —N.B.

050714_Bryan-Cranston-All-the-WayBryan Cranston in All the Way. “Don’t judge me, but I’ve only ever seen a total of 20 minutes of Breaking Bad. So when someone asked me if I wanted his extra sixth-row, dead-center ticket to All the Way, featuring Walter White as LBJ during that 11-month term after JFK’s assassination, I wasn’t as excited as I now know I should have been. Because what a motherfucking performance that was. Never had I seen an actor non-squinty-faced cry in real life before, and I don’t suspect I’m going to again, at least until I can afford to spare the $200 myself for such a prime ticket. Now, get that man a Tony, dammit.” —S.P.

John Oliver guest hosting The Daily Show.Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. “If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to watch John Oliver’s amazing segment on the death penalty (yes, I realize I just used the phrase ‘amazing segment on the death penalty’), in which he discusses the terribly unfunny subject of capital punishment with more wit than possibly any comic, ever. And then go steal someone’s HBO Go password, because this might just be the next Daily Show.” —J.W.

050714_Agalloch-Serpent-SphereAgalloch’s The Serpent & The Sphere. “So, Agalloch. A progressive/doom/black/folk metal band out of the Pacific Northwest (we metalheads like our adjectives, but to translate: long, meandering, heavy songs with nature-y themes and complex guitar parts both electric and acoustic). Basically my favorite band that I never think to name as the favorite yet somehow always the correct answer whenever I can’t decide what to listen to. When I try to explain the appeal of harsh metal vocals to someone, Agalloch is it—with some bands, the singer is the star, but Haughm’s growling voice is more like another instrument among the many that make up their compositions. Their first full album in four years is currently streaming on NPR ahead of its digital release next week and it’s damn good. I know metal of any subgenre is a hard sell for some folks, but I challenge anyone who appreciates true guitar talent to give them a shot.” —J.R.