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The Kempt Five

  • Najib Benouar


Every Wednesday we’re giving you a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick. We call it: The Kempt Five.

040914_FIVE_11The New Bonobos. “Last night, Kempt had a chance to preview the fall/winter collection from the brand once known for boot-cut chinos. My, how times have changed. The tailoring: done by Ian Velardi. The rest of it: infused with a casual elegance (check out the textured tux jacket), inspired by early ’60s British rock. (Sort of the theme of late 2014. Brush up on your Kinks now.) You might just say these apes have evolved...” —P.L.U.

040914_FIVE_2Gitman Bros. Vintage: On Fire Right Now. “Their warehouse sale has sadly come and gone. But, allow me to regale you with tales of two recent pickups. The first was a corduroy polka-dot number, which I grabbed on sale last month at Charleston, SC’s fine haberdashery Indigo & Cotton. Damn sharp, and (like all GBVs) fits me like a... nice slim-fitting shirt. (It’s also still available; have at it if you’re not in NYC/likely to run into me wearing it.) The other was from their long-awaited made-to-order collaboration with The Hill-side, originally sold at the Pop Up Flea in December. It’s the bright blue-orange-white-cloud number at lower-right in the picture above, and it got more compliments in a single day than all of my other shirts combined. It’s a bit outside my comfort zone, loudness-wise, but sometimes you gotta walk on the wild side.” —P.L.U.

040914_FIVE_3Alan Partridge. “I managed to catch this hilarious Steve Coogan flick On Demand (though it’s in theaters now). Been a while since I’ve laughed that hard at a movie. I was a big fan of The Trip, as well as his cringe-worthy comic turn in Coffee and Cigarettes, but he’s working on another level here. Partridge (a self-obsessed, mediocre media personality) is a character Coogan has played for years in various radio and TV projects in the UK, and he owns it completely. But it’s the really snappy writing (Policeman: ‘If you put any of my men in danger, I will take off this uniform and make you pay for it.’ Partridge: ‘I don’t understand, you want me to buy your police outfit.’), a solid soundtrack and some surprisingly touching moments that make this one a keeper.” —A.P.B.

040914_FIVE_4Frank, Austin. “I was visiting the Lone Star State with a few pals last weekend and stumbled into this joint specializing in all manner of housemade sausagery and Texan microbrews for a between-BBQ-gluttony snack. The real showstopper was the Jackalope—an edible interpretation of a local folkloric animal by the same name. Smoked antelope, jackrabbit and pork stuffed into a bun with a few more worldly delights. Yes, it was as delicious as it sounds.” —N.B.

040914_FIVE_5Brewing Your Own Beer. “Brewing beer sounds kind of daunting—giant boiling cauldrons, glass beakers, ‘fermenting’ as a word and a smell—but the enterprising folks at Brooklyn Brew Shop managed to scale down the operation to a home kitchen/stovetop. Which makes it sound less daunting, but it’s still no cakewalk. Anyway, it’s basically two days of mildly nerve-racking work (the brewing and then the bottling) and a cumulative month or two of waiting with your fingers crossed. But knowing that you put your blood, sweat and maybe-probably enough sanitizing solution into the effort makes that first sip all the more satisfying. I’ve named my first batch ‘Wow, It Actually Tastes Like Beer’ Pale Ale (trademark pending). A solid porch-sipper for the warmer months to come.” —N.B.