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The Kempt Five

  • Caitlin Ganswindt
  • Eric Twardzik


Every Wednesday, we’re giving you a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick. We call it: The Kempt Five.

0402KMT_Five_1Grandpa Ties. “Two summers ago, my grandpa passed away and I inherited some of his old neckwear. Amid the scratchy wools and Christmas novelty pieces, one really sticks out: a brown linen YSL tie that looks like it could be from the ’60s. It’s a beautiful tie I had never seen my grandfather wear, and a puzzling outlier from the closet of a small-town, blue-collar printer. I can’t say how and when it came into his possession. But I can imagine him as the dapper young man I’ve only seen from old pictures, cinching it around his neck with a four-in-hand and leaving the mirror with an extra spring in his step, just as I can do now.” —E.T.

BOOTMOBILE VISITS NYCNot the author’s boots, pictured.

Missing: Tan Men’s L.L.Bean 8" Boots, 9D Medium. “On a recent rainy night, some son of a bitch stole my rain boots right out of our building’s hallway. What the hell. I picked ’em up not long after Obama was elected (the first time), and they’d acquired a seriously enviable patina. Do this writer a favor and keep your eye out for ’em, okay?” —P.L.U.

0402KMT_Five_3Gitman Bros. Vintage: On Fire Right Now. “You’ve already seen their enticing online warehouse sale. Now, allow me to regale you with tales of two recent pickups. The first was a corduroy polka-dot number, which I grabbed on sale last month at Charleston, SC’s fine haberdashery Indigo & Cotton. Damn sharp, and (like all GBVs) fits me like a... nice slim-fitting shirt. (It’s also still available; have at it if you’re not in NYC/likely to run into me wearing it.) The other was from their long-awaited made-to-order collaboration with The Hill-side, originally sold at the Pop Up Flea in December. It’s the bright blue-orange-white-cloud number at lower-right in the picture above, and it got more compliments in a single day than all of my other shirts combined. It’s a bit outside my comfort zone, loudness-wise, but sometimes you gotta walk on the wild side.” —P.L.U.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Boy Meets World Slam Poetry. “Performed on Jimmy Fallon last night. It’s everything.” —C.G.

0402KMT_Five_5Game of Thrones Seasons 1 to 3... Again. “In preparation for this weekend’s season premier, I’ve taken to binge-watching the past three seasons to refresh my memory and, based on current projections, will have rewatched all 30 episodes by Saturday afternoon. And let me tell you, the second time around is as good as the first, if not better. Because when you know who’s going to die and when, you can see more clearly all of the inordinately terrible decisions made to get them there.” —S.P.