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The Kempt Five

  • Caitlin Ganswindt
  • Eric Twardzik


Every Wednesday, we’re giving you a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick. We call it: The Kempt Five.

1211KMT_Five_1 L.L.Bean Signature Matinicus Rock Cardigan. “It’s warm, looks sharp, goes well with a T-shirt or a shirt and tie... I’d wear it every damn day if I could. (Bad news: they don’t seem to make it in olive anymore.)” —P.L.U.

1211KMT_Five_2 Hot, Hot, Hot Stove Action in Major League Baseball. “I’m a nerd. And wondering why the Tigers traded Doug Fister for peanuts, or how in the world the Mariners can give Robbie Cano a contract that will last well into Joe Biden’s second term... well, it’s kept me entertained during a dark baseball-less winter. (And yes, we just said Joe Biden’s second term. You heard it here first, folks...)” —P.L.U.

1211KMT_Five_3 General Knot & Co.’s Pheasant Run Bow Tie. “My girlfriend is an intimidatingly good gifter, and picked out this General Knot bow tie filled with little pheasants running around for my birthday. There’s just something wonderful and old-timey about country birds this time of year. Pheasants, geese, partridges-in-pear-trees. It already saw Thanksgiving duty, and is under serious consideration for a Christmas double-dip.” —E.T.

1211KMT_Five_4 A Bathtub with a View. “The occasional swim in a tub: excellent. The occasional swim in a tub with expansive 360-degree views: even more excellent. This weekend I took up residence at The Cosmopolitan in Vegas; my temporary home was topped off by a soaking tub opening up to a balcony overlooking the Strip. It just made the relaxing so much more relaxing, almost ostentatious—it’s a fine line to toe.” —C.G. [Full disclosure, I stayed as a guest of the property—though I’d happily return on my own dime for another dip.]

1211KMT_Five_5 The Best Thing I Ever Ate. “At the very least, the best thing I’ve eaten this winter. When it starts to get this bitter kind of whipping, rich, meaty meals have a way of filling up the gaping hole left in the absence of sunshine. The pièce de résistance happened for me at Comme Ça. On special: a perfectly crisped duck leg confit over lentil and braised pear ragout, with housemade duck bacon and foie gras resting politely atop. Each bite was balanced with sweet notes of cinnamon and earthy truffles all tied together by the punchy, buttery bite of duck. Yes, it’s decadent, the kind of thing you have once in a blue moon. But when the occasion arises, you must indulge; it’s the only way to survive December to February. Eat, drink, repeat.” —C.G.