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The Kempt Five

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Every Wednesday, we’re giving you a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick. We call it: The Kempt Five.

1204KMT_Five_1 The Hill-side’s Made-to-Order Gitman Vintage Shirt Collection. “Pick your poison: tiger camouflage, club wool tweed, American calico, floral indigo... there’s gonna be over 30 Hill-side fabrics on tap (along with four collars) at the sixth installment of Pop Up Flea NYC, going off this weekend. Whatever your fancy—it’s waiting to be sewn into existence at the tender hands of the Gitman Bros. It’s all happening.” —C.G.

1204KMT_Five_2 Pendleton Eames Rocker by Beam & Anchor. “The Portland-based collective recently launched their online shop and the crown jewel has gotta be this Eames rocker. They gave it the head-to-toe treatment—upholstered with a limited-edition Pendleton wool. Just... exceptional. Makes me wanna drop $1K on a chair.” —C.G.

EH 1354P Josie Russell Rum Punch. “The missus sent me a link to this punch—apparently the recipe was found in Hemingway’s notebooks with the simple heading ‘cocktail.’ Let’s just say that name’s a bit of an understatement: it was delicious, easy to make and (this is key) potent. In other words, pretty much perfect for any holiday soirees you may be hosting in the next few weeks. Pro tip: go with apple cider from your nearest farmers’ market. You’ll taste the freshness. (Also, don’t forget to say a toast to Papa.)” —P.L.U.

1204KMT_Five_4 Brooks Brothers Cotton Rugby Stripe Gloves. “Welp, winter hasn’t even technically started yet, and I’ve already lost my fucking gloves. They had a good run. And if you keep an eye on Brooks’s sale page, you can probably get a pair for under 20 bucks—possibly the best deal you’ll find (and hopefully not lose) all year.” —P.L.U.

Pictured: Not the author’s gloves. If you find a stray pair in red and blue, mail them to Kempt HQ, c/o the USPS. No questions asked.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA California Chili Hot Sauce. “Not to disrespect the almighty rooster, but the alarm bells sounding off on the Internet about a potential sriracha shortage make now a good time to talk about other, better chili sauces. We were the fortunate recipients of some California Chili hot sauce, and really, there’s no looking back. It’s got a little less heat than the sriracha made by Huy Fong, but the flavor is immense. It’s less cloying and sweet (sugar is the number two ingredient in Huy Fong’s version) and it has a vinegary, garlicky tang that is beyond addictive.” —A.P.B.