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The Kempt Five

  • Jason Wire
  • Najib Benouar

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Every Wednesday, we’re giving you a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Kempt tick. We call it: The Kempt Five.

1030KMT_Five_1A Drinkle in Time (Working Title). “To most people, daylight saving isn’t much more than a perfunctory ritual of turning back one’s clocks on a Sunday morning. But for those of us in places like California where the mandatory last call is at 2am, it creates a fantastic loophole. For whatever reason, the official agreed-upon time for setting back the hour is exactly 2am Sunday, which creates a wrinkle in time that turns Saturday night’s last call into 1am again. It’s the sort of thing that usually sneaks up on you (and some bars don’t even play along), but when it happens, it’s magical. Instead of going home, the party starts right back up. I’d also imagine the same rules of Leap Day apply—where anything you do in that hour doesn’t count. Let’s all take a leap this weekend.” —N.B.

1030KMT_Five_2Roasting Pumpkin Seeds. “They’re such a satisfying reward for scooping out the slimy innards of a pumpkin to make a jack-o’-lantern—assuming you’re not soulless. Once you’ve done the hard part, rinse off the gourd guts, pat ’em dry, stick them on a baking sheet with a few shots of salt and give it 350 degrees of heat in the oven till they’re golden brown. Boom. Autumnal deliciousness in your mouth.” —N.B.

1030KMT_Five_3Han Kjøbenhavn x Pendleton Capsule Collection. “Though I’m generally a traditionalist (and lean toward the unassuming) when it comes to patterned fabrics, there’s something about this collection of whale-printed indigo pieces that I love. Just don’t ask me what it is.” —S.P.

Sherlock 2 SpecialsSherlock. “As in, the BBC original series about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic supersleuth. While I’m usually the type to lambast crime dramas for being shallow and derivative, I found myself hooked by the deeper characterization of Holmes and Watson, along with the sheer Britishness of it all. Also positive: the episodes are cut into fewer-but-meatier 90-minute productions, and there’s plenty of good foggy London style inspiration going on. Now would be an especially good time to start watching it (it’s on Netflix), as its third season just finished filming and will debut later this winter.” —J.W.

1030KMT_Five_5Figuring Out What to Make of Arcade Fire’s Reflektor. “I’m generally pro–Arcade Fire, but sometimes they’re a hard band to love. The sight of Régine Chassagne on SNL in a glass case of emotion: cringe-worthy. A new double-album with a song called ‘It’s Never Over.’ (Sure feels like it!) The sort of meaningless and vague ‘Let’s Go!’ lyrics. And yet... I listen. I come back to all of their albums again and again. They have a sound I just like—that chiming, anthemic, desperate yearning sound. And this album’s no different. So I guess I like it. But Arcade Fire, you’re on warning: any more of this bullshit on the next album and we’re through.” —P.L.U.