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Moonraker-Tweed-2[Not the author, pictured.]

Honest-to-God Elbow Patches. “I have this tweed jacket. I love it. Would wear it every day if I could. But recently, it began to fray at the elbows (which I’d like to assume is a result of my hulking biceps, and not the ravages of time; no one’s buying it yet). The solution: elbow patches, of course. They were applied by Stanton Street tailors, who I’d recommend for such matters if you’re in the neighborhood. (I’m less fond of their actual tailoring.) This is my first time with patches, and so far I love it—especially since they’re earned, not manufactured. Almost like scars, I suppose. But, you know, not gross.” —P.L.U.

FortyPartMotet_featuredJanet Cardiff’s The Forty Part Motet. “Currently at the Cloisters in NYC. Moving beyond words. Get a taste here.” —P.L.U.

photo-22Praise Be to Gant. “I picked up the windowpane linen Gant Rugger Shawler you see above from their pre-fall collection last year in anticipation of my pre-fall wedding the weekend before last. A bit of a departure from the norm—and, quite frankly, it felt a bit risky at first—but sometimes you just have to go big (plus, it was an outdoor wedding in California, so I could take some liberties in the formality department). The linen turned out to be a lifesaver in the 90-plus-degree weather, but the best part: over a week later, I’m still hearing compliments.” —N.B.

18REGULAR-articleLarge Frank Bruni on the Joy of Being a Regular. “The former Times food critic spent most of his life as a restaurant philanderer, but recently he’s discovered the virtues of settling down and being faithful to a good restaurant (or three). Couldn’t agree more, and while we’re at it, here are a few tips on how to ingratiate yourself with your local joint.” —N.B.

1892_634_ALTERNATE3G.H. Bass & Co. Weejuns. “Bass unveiled the world’s first penny loafer back in 1936, and since then they’ve enjoyed tenure as a fall footwear mainstay. I’ve personally been rocking the ladies’ version from the moment I stepped onto the linoleum-lined streets of kindergarten back in ’92, retiring at least 11 pairs over the years. They’re great because of the reasonable price point, they wear well and are relatively easy to pull off with most attire. Be wary of adding actual penny flair; points for trying, but it looks like you’re trying.” —C.G.