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The Kempt 100: Mostly Black-and-White Edition

  • Kempt Staff


The Kempt 100 is our definitive list of the 100 best-dressed men of the past 100 years.

And now, five more Legends, including a British lounge lizard, a golfer, a guy who starred in Bonnie and Clyde, another guy who just sang about Bonnie and Clyde, and an icon otherwise known as Alfie.

0120hundredFERRY35. Bryan Ferry The takeaway: You can have an Anderson & Sheppard tailor on call and still rock.

0120hundredPALMER 34. Arnold Palmer The takeaway: Fit counts, whether it’s that aforementioned Savile Row suit or a polo shirt.

0120hundredCAINE 33. Michael Caine The takeaway: We kept trying not to say something about the glasses, but fuck it: you can wear glasses and still make passes. A suit that fits like a... perfectly tailored suit doesn’t hurt either.

0120hundredGAINSBOURG 32. Serge Gainsbourg The takeaway: So you weren’t born with great looks. Or great hair. And you don’t work out. And you (probably) reek of leather, cigarettes and cognac. So what? Throw on some natty clothes and talk to the most beautiful woman in the room. What’ve you got to lose.

0120hundredBEATTY 31. Warren Beatty The takeaway: Whether wearing silk printed scarves or (shall we say) more traditional attire, you’ll always look best when you’re feeling completely yourself.

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