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The In-House Sartorialist


Street style blogs have been thick on the ground in the past few years, so it was only a matter of time before retailers got in on the game. Case in point: Uniqlo just launched their own mini-Sartorialist, called Uniqlooks. The subjects are a bit scrappier, but the sun-dappled lensing and Parisian and Manhattan street settings are unmistakably Schuman-esque.

The outfits aren’t quite as high-fashion as the Sartorialist, but the best ones have a certain international bohemianism to them. (Also, pretty French girls.)

There’s only one problem: Uniqlo’s bread-and-butter is cheap staples—your oxford shirt, your gray v-neck, your other pair of jeans, etc.—so they tend to be responsible for the less eye-catching items in the pics. But if that means reminding people how good their pants look under a budget-busting McNairy shirt, it might not be such a bad thing.