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The Icon: Walt "Clyde" Frazier


Flamboyance. Stylistically, it’s a tricky game to play. By its very definition, one has to go all out. (There’s no such thing as “a little bit flamboyant”). Yet one must remain tethered to the sartorial earth to pull it off. Case in point: Knicks’ Hall-of-Famer Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

Perfectly Embodied: While the full-on Superfly-meets-Plymouth Rock three piece, wide fedora and white tie look may not be gracing the runways any time soon, there are lessons to be learned. Note the flared suit pants (younger, forward-thinking tailors are already adding some extra ankle-room). But more importantly: the “yes I am owning this” look in his eyes.

Words of Wisdom: Dishing and swishing bounding and astounding hustling and bustling posting and toasting shaking and baking wheeling and dealing out-muscling and out-hustling slicing and the hoop.

The Backstory: As a Knicks player, Frazier was known for his lightning-fast steals and cucumber-cool demeanor. But it’s his second career as a Knicks commentator that most accurately reflects his personal fashion. His rhymes and extravagant vocabulary may veer towards the ostentatious, but he keeps it grounded with a deep love and knowledge of the game. Similarly, he can pull off seemingly impossible feats of flash, be it animal prints, horizontal stripes and more big hats, without looking like a walking Halloween costume. That’s why he’ll always be the best color man.