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The Icon: Huey Lewis

The 80s were a strange and magical time.

And while the dust has largely settled on the era, we wanted to give a belated salute to one of the decade’s most iconic men. And also, the News…

Perfectly Embodied: You might say that this is a completely ridiculous picture. And you would be right. But one of Lewis’s best qualities was always his goofball, please-don’t-take-me-too-seriously shtick. And once you get past the early MTV trappings, he actually looks pretty good. He always did know his way around a polo shirt.

Words of Wisdom:I like my bands in business suits; I watch them on TV.

The Backstory:Lewis was always more bohemian than they gave him credit for, starting with his upbringing in Rothko-era Manhattan. He learned harmonica the way you’re supposed to: hitchhiking across the Midwest. So by the time he started wearing suits and singing over synths, it was because he actually wanted to. At least he didn’t lose his sense of showmanship.