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The House Shoe

We love fall, but it has a few drawbacks. For instance, it may be too chilly to spend Sunday afternoon barefoot. It’s a shame…but nothing a well-chosen slipper can’t solve.

Specifically, the most decadent piece of footwear known to man: the house shoe. If you’re indulgent enough to pick one up, it’s likely to be the most comfortable item you own—for the simple fact that it will never venture outside your house.

And naturally, we’ve got a few favorites.

The Velvet Slipper This is the classic: a hard-soled, unmarked velvet loafer to be worn with a silk housecoat and a glass of scotch. Plenty of brands like Barker Black have gotten creative with logos and embroidery, but it’s hard to improve on the simple, unmarked version.

The Suede Slipper This is a slightly sturdier version of the same, subbing in suede for velvet. That means it’ll feel a lot smoother against your skin, and feel a bit more like actual shoes. Just resist the temptation to wear them outside. (It’ll spoil the magic.)

The Soft Leather Slipper And then, there’s the forward thinking option. This might look like a hotel slipper, but it’s every bit as hard-soled as the options above. The difference is the unstructured leather, which will form around your foot as you break the shoes in. That also means you’ll have to be a bit more careful with it and definitely keep a shoe tree handy. In return, you’ll be able to keep your toes warm without giving off quite as strong a Hefner vibe as the more traditional house slippers. (Unless that’s what you were going for.)