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The Hall of Jackson


Our dreams of owning MJ’s sequined glove were dashed today as Jackson succeeded in blocking Julien Auction House from auctioning off a few of his more awesome personal effects. Instead, the slate of items will be exhibited and then possibly shipped off to form a kind of Michael Jackson museum.

We’re going to contain our excitement, except to say this: a museum would easily be the best thing M.J.’s done since Dangerous. Consider us first in line.

Leafing through the Julien catalogs is bizarre enough—gaudy, heartbreaking, and creepy by turns—but seeing the items in person would be nothing short of amazing. Race, celebrity, childhood traumas and interior design trends all get mixed together into one glorious nouveau riche trainwreck that should beat anything you’ll find in the MoMa.

At least until they open up their pop culture wing.