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The Good, the Bad and the Handsome from the July Men’s Mags

  • Kempt Staff


Every month, we thoroughly examine the contents of your favorite men’s magazines, like GQ, Nylon Guys and The Rake, so you don’t have to. The breakdown—starring Emily Ratajkowski, Panama hats, feuding Greek shipping magnates, grilling everything, summer cocktails, sexy convertibles and... did we mention Emily Ratajkowski?—now.

Page Count GQ: 118 Nylon Guys: 128 The Rake: 200


063014-KEMPT-JULY-ISSUES-1GQ: Emily Ratajkowski covered in sand, wearing nothing but a Hawaiian lei and bikini bottoms. Basically the ideal “wish you were here” postcard.

063014-KEMPT-JULY-ISSUES-2Nylon Guys: Usher, fiddling with the cuff of his sweatshirt or something. (Read: not a topless Emily Ratajkowski.)

063014-KEMPT-JULY-ISSUES-3The Rake: Hugh Jackman, looking dapper in a peak-lapel tuxedo, promising a “resistance-free path to elegance and success.”


GQ: It’s all beachy button-ups and patterned swim trunks for summer—except for one curious spread featuring turtlenecks and shearling coats. All modeled by some British actor, so it kind of makes sense.

Nylon Guys: Doubling down on a street-wear-y summer and then quadrupling down, with a page on each of the following: slip-ons, tank tops, shades, Hawaiian shirts, white jeans, flip-flops, patterned trunks and... bucket hats. Also, curiously, another British actor modeling autumnal gear.

The Rake: A summer full of layers: there’s a dandy rancher in a denim blazer and summer scarf, then there’s a British lounge lizard in bow ties and a handsome spread on Panama hats (paired with double-breasted suits). Also: four pairs of swimsuits.


063014-KEMPT-JULY-ISSUES-4GQ: Emily Ratajkowski. Her reputation precedes her.

063014-KEMPT-JULY-ISSUES-5Nylon Guys: Amber Stevens, from 22 Jump Street, snuck in there for good measure.

The Rake: An unnamed cowgirl accompanying that dapper cowboy we mentioned earlier.


GQ: Looks like they spent all their travel budget on Hawaii with Emily Ratajkowski this month. Money well spent.

Nylon Guys: A roundup of all the sexy new convertibles on the market. We’ll take one of each.

The Rake: A little bit of both travel and car action, as they tag along with David Gandy to Goodwood’s annual members meeting.


GQ: The beach manual has a section on grooming your feet—all you need is toe clippers, a pumice stone, foot cream and grooming scissors, because “toes shouldn’t have bangs.”

Nylon Guys : A nice endorsement of Fellow Barber’s new line of products.

The Rake: The Hugh Jackman piece has photos of him in every state of beardedness. Here’s what the man who tamed his beard had to say about it.


GQ: A situation-by-situation guide to handling every carefree single man’s fear: knocking a girl up.

Nylon Guys: Similarly, Jenny Slate talks about abortion and how to make a comedy about it (it’s called Obvious Child, out soon).

The Rake: Well, there’s a lot of bed hopping in the piece on the intense rivalry between Greek shipping magnates Stavros Niarchos and Aristotle Onassis.

Food and Drink

GQ: A guide on cooking everything outdoors. Step one: get a grill.

Nylon Guys: There’s a recipe for a cocktail that requires an entire liter of vodka (okay, it is a punch recipe). It’s called the Troublemaker.

The Rake: There were some delicious-looking watches.


GQ: Adam Levine doesn’t care if you like him. GQ anoints him the leader of the Confederacy of Douches.

Nylon Guys: Usher. The interesting tidbit: he’s playing Sugar Ray Leonard in an upcoming De Niro flick.

The Rake: Hugh Jackman, a consummate gentleman. He meditates, he looks great in a tux, he... is Hugh Jackman.