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The Good, the Bad and the Handsome from August’s Men’s Mags

  • Kempt Staff


Every month, we thoroughly examine the contents of your favorite men’s magazines, like GQ, Esquire and Details, so you don’t have to. The breakdown—starring Cameron Diaz, Kanye West, bare breasts, motorcycle pants, some prematurely autumnal gear and more—now.

Page Count GQ: 122 Esquire: 108 Details: 101

Cover 080114-KEMPT-AUG-ISSUES-1 GQ: Kanye West wearing what he calls “50 percent rock-and-roll, 50 percent hip-hop and 50 percent genius.”

080114-KEMPT-AUG-ISSUES-2 Esquire: Cameron Diaz in a bathing suit and high heels leaning against a wall like this is just another Tuesday for her.

080114-KEMPT-AUG-ISSUES-3 Details: Justin Theroux wearing a blazer over a T-shirt, a pistol necklace, jeans and a pair of puppy-dog eyes. (It would seem he showed up dressed how he wanted and they just threw a few different blazers over his tee.)


GQ: They’re buying into the motorcycle pants thing—which look much better paired with a sweatshirt and leather jacket than they do on the guy trying to make them work with a blazer and tie. Speaking of, there’s a whole spread on affordable leather jackets. Then pinstripe suiting. We’re already starting to dip our toes into fall.

Esquire: Pretty light in the style department this month, with a summer travel piece that’s as much about luggage as it is the clothes (go with a suit or a short-sleeve button-down or somewhere in between with chinos). And then they put actor Jason Clarke in six different suits and chased him running and jumping around LA, which makes it hard to tell whether he even looks good in them. Seems like they’re saving up big for September. How Wintourian.

Details: Not afraid to dive headlong into fall, they’re talking wool coats, creeper boots, topcoats, charcoal suiting, double-monks. There’s even a peacoat in boiled wool from Gucci. Boiled wool, people.


GQ: In this post-Ratajkowski issue, they’ve forgone any big-name hotties and decided to plaster a few pages with dozens of bare breasts screen-captured from recent television shows, declaring it “The Era of Maximum Televisual Nakedity.” Not complaining.

080114-KEMPT-AUG-ISSUES-4 Esquire: Karen Gillan from Doctor Who sits on a stool. And then there’s the aforementioned Cameron Diaz in various states of bikini-dom. There’s also a long-form ode to women aged 42 who’ve still got it. It’s an impressive list.

Details: Eh, um... we think we caught a glimpse of Kate Upton in an Express ad, but she was almost unrecognizable with all that clothing on (a black cocktail dress).


GQ: They sent one lucky reporter to eat his way across the new gastronomic wonderland that is Scandinavia—from Noma in Copenhagen to Lysverket in Bergen, Norway. As for cars, the Style Guy quickly mentioned that he likes driving Teslas.

Esquire: They didn’t really go anywhere this month. Although that story about what happened to the screenplay for the Passion of the Christ sequel takes you on a journey into the seedy underworld of Hollywood financing (with a brief detour into Mexico’s drug cartels).

Details: Apparently, “Watergate-era nostalgia” is prompting car collectors to rediscover the cars that were so bad, they’re good—from the Ford Pinto to the AMC Pacer. Hashtag normcar?


GQ: Some tips from their well-groomed friends, which all seem pretty intuitive—except the one about using a toothbrush on your face.

Esquire: A sunscreen roundup. Because you should wear sunscreen.

Details: Always asking the hard-hitting hygiene questions: should you get a colonic? (All signs point to no. Unless you’re super constipated, which... bummer, dude.)


GQ: The modern gentleman’s guide to going in through the back door: “Just promise you will never try to sneak in...”

Esquire: They give Kevin Spacey the Alternate Emmy for Creepy Sex and contemplate whether or not to name the new category after him. Has a nice ring to it.

Details: From the piece on this new lucid dreaming trend: “All I did was fly around and go to orgies.”

Food and Drink

GQ: There’s something called veal-knuckle confit at Oaxen Slip in Stockholm. Color us intrigued.

Esquire: They endorse drinking a “short beer” because it works in better ratio with a shot of whiskey. Duly noted.

Details: The major takeaway from their day-drinking guide, aside from staying hydrated and eating, is to sneak lower-alcohol ingredients into your cocktails, like Aperol.


GQ: Kanye West being Kanye West. At times you can almost hear his excitement levels jumping from the page, but ultimately he seems more subdued on paper. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Esquire: There’s the one on cover star Cameron Diaz that’s expectedly fun and full of giggles. And then there’s the Lance Armstrong one that’s full of golf, world-weariness, bro-ing out and the glimmer of a silver lining in the distance.

Details: Justin Theroux is “a renaissance man in the truest way,” according to Robert Downey Jr. We’d say that’s high praise.