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The Future, Televised


We won’t bore you with the details of the ongoing rumble between Apple, Google, Microsoft, and everyone else in northern California—although we are looking forward to the lucha libre reenactment—but today it resulted in some very good news for anyone who spends more time on their computer than their TV. It’s called Google TV, and right now thousands of techies are going wild over it.

The gist is that TV and web video are about to get a lot closer.

As of this fall, you’ll be able to pick up a Google TV cable-box that will bring a web browser and a native YouTube app to your television, in all their puppy-watching, rap-parodying glory. It also offers super-charged versions of Tivo, YouTube and Netflix, along with plenty of other synergy-fueled goodness too complex to explain or understand at this stage of the game—but if you were looking for a reason to buy a massive plasma screen, you just got one.