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The Future of Comedy


Through the right eyes, the comic regions of the internet can look a lot like a variety show—so a pair of Ed Sullivan vets should fit right in.

In this case, it’s Jerry Stiller and Ann Meara (also known as Ben Stiller’s parents), a comedy duo who hung up their double-act around the time variety shows vanished from the networks. But as luck would have it, the market for two-minute snippets of married-couple shtick is better than it’s been in decades—and they’re still pretty damn funny.

Their new series just arrived on Yahoo (or, if you prefer), and it’s basically a master-class in comic chemistry. To give you some idea, they spend the last 30 seconds of the first video arguing about when it’s going to end. They posted a few of their vintage Sullivan clips alongside to give us some idea how long they’ve been at it, but by our lights they’ve only improved with age.

Here’s a taste:

Episode 1: "First Time On Internet" @ Yahoo! Video