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The French Dillinger


Unless you’re a connoisseur of French rap—and if you are, congratulations—you’ve probably never heard the name Jacques Mesrine. We’ll make it short and sweet: He’s the most notorious criminal in France’s recent history and he’s getting the sprawling biopic treatment this month with Mesrine. If the trailer's any indication, we should be in for quite a ride.

The man on the poster is Vincent Cassel, probably the biggest movie star in France, and over the course of four hours (split Kill Bill-style into two separate flicks), he'll commit grand larceny across three continents, ransom a millionaire real estate mogul and mastermind no less than five jailbreaks—four from the inside, and a fifth to rescue friends still behind bars. It’s the latest in a long proud tradition of films about sociopathic machismo (exhibits A and B), and the Gallic undertones and lush staches are just icing on the cake. Consider yourself warned.