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The Fall Jacket

The perfect fall blazer is a beautiful thing. Pick up the right one, and it’ll be the most versatile item in your closet through to December—equally at home with denim and wool, wingtips and sneakers. As for finding the right one, we’d opt for an outfit that’s either very old or very good at faking it…

For instance, Southwick—a New England shop that’s been stitching together made-to-measure jackets since the 20s.

And since Jack Spade just drafted them for a mini-collection devoted entirely to blusterproof suiting, you won’t have to bother with the measuring tape. The full collection includes camelhair topcoats and hopsack blazers, but the prize is this wool herringbone jacket—a prime example of one of the best fall pieces out there.

Now all you need is a scarf and a pile of leaves to walk through.