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The Evolution of LeBron’s MVP Style

  • Najib Benouar

LeBron James

It’s good to be king.

LeBron James picked up his fourth NBA MVP trophy over the weekend, wearing a suit as equally spectacular as his feat: a well-cut navy kit featuring a Cucinelli-esque 1.5-breasted jacket with peak lapels (and an unfussy usage of pocket square to boot).

It’s advanced coursework in NBA suiting and shows a marked maturity over the louder, more adventurous stuff we’re seeing at postgame press conferences from the youngsters these days. But James’s style maturation didn’t happen overnight. Looking at the past five years of LeBron’s MVP-dom (stretching back to his stay golden years in Cleveland), the guy has come a long way.

An investigation of the MVP style evolution of LeBron James.

LeBron JamesThe First MVP, Cleveland 2009: A budding young superstar showing that he’s got a lot to learn—by succumbing to the typical pitfalls of a suit one size too big and dressing in pinstripes because he’s under the impression that’s how the well-heeled dress.

LeBron JamesThe Second MVP, Cleveland 2010: Getting warmer. We’ve addressed the sizing issue—he looks good in this—but the getup is still a bit too “financial district” for a guy who’s rich enough to have people handle that stuff for him.

LeBron JamesThe Third MVP, Miami 2012: Now we’re talking. A double-breasted odd jacket with blogger-blue trousers. If three MVPs in four years wasn’t indication enough that he’d arrived, this ensemble was. (A world championship a month later didn’t hurt either.)

LeBron JamesThe Fourth MVP, Miami 2013: We’re entering rarefied air here, both with the Chamberlain–matching fourth MVP and the 1.5-breasted blazer. (Turns out it’s a custom job from #menswear luminaries and Kempt favorite Ovadia & Sons). Well played, sir. Well played.

And extra points for having LeBron Jr. looking just as dapper as Dad in the last two appearances.