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The Essential Vacation Kit

Libero Ferrero

Your work style: impeccable. Your weekend wardrobe: masterful in the extreme. But once you’re away from your closet—say, on a late-winter escape to warmer climes—it’s easy to lapse into a few days of flip-flops and ratty tees...

It happens to the best of us (even a Style Guy or two), but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Herewith, a few easily packed items that will keep you in fine sartorial form while you’re away in the tropics...

J.Crew Shirt

A White Cotton Button-UpPreferably something breathable like linen, but even an oxford will do here. It’s the rare office staple that transforms into a whole other item once it’s surrounded by surf and sand. Throw in a pair of soft, loose khakis, and you’ve got a uniform for the whole trip.The Prime Example: J.Crew’s Loehnen stripe shirt is a pretty good bet.

Tretorn Nylite

Think SocklessYou need something that can accommodate a burst of water and sand, then still be intact enough to walk home in. Most people would go for a sandal here, but we prefer a beater plimsoll you can wear straight into the water. Unlike sandals, these won’t come loose in the surf.The Prime Example: The Tretorn Nylite, or basically any of these.

Hill-Side Tie

A Single TieYou might not wear it. In fact, you might not even unpack it. You might just leave it curled in the bottom of your duffel for the full length of the trip, too busy with the pleasures of the sun to go anywhere that might require it. But you never know, and the chance you might be caught without one is reason enough to bring it along.The Prime Example: Something simple and rugged, like this one.