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The English Connection


With ties trending British, it’s a good time to have an overseas source.

A Suitable Wardrobe turned us on to Drakes London, a bespoke tiemaker that specializes in Albion-inspired patterns and skinny-but-not-too-skinny cuts. In other words, the genuine English article.

Drakes’ ties are all handmade and woven from genuine English silk in true Imperial style, with fourteen styles available online and a bespoke service for more exacting clients. The bespokery is specifically intended for weddings or large occasions—so you can ensure the groomsmen will all look equally dapper—but we’re sure you can think of a “social occasion” that befits a little customization.

Drakes also sells socks, scarves and Irish linen handkerchiefs, but you might as well get those domestically, given the tariffs involved. As A Suitable Wardrobe notes, there’s an extra $30 Value Added Tax on each tie, but with prices starting at 75 UKP (a little under $150), it should still be worth the visit.