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The Emperor’s New Kicks


Not many artists are suited to make the leap to sneakers, but if we had to choose, Kehinde Wiley would be at the top of our list.

He’s best known for combining a neoclassical streak with a genuine affection for street culture (his take on Ice-T is a pretty good example), but apparently he’s decided all those rococo patterns wouldn’t look bad on a pair of hi-tops either. These kicks come from Puma’s new Africa collection, with a pattern borrowed from Mr. Wiley, who borrowed the look from traditional Subsaharan textiles. There are a few track jackets and t-shirts along for the ride, but they don’t capture the “regal streetwear” vibe quite as well as these.

If he’s as marketing-savvy as the rest of the art world, they might even end up in a painting or two.