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The Emergency Scarf

Emergency Scarf

Consider this a corrective to yesterday’s farewell to spring/summer arms: as you’re stowing away shorts and chambray, you should also be bringing out a few items to help you weather any unexpected briskness that might pop up in the next few weeks.

Specifically, an emergency scarf.

That’s a scarf light enough to keep folded in your briefcase through October—so if your trusty weather forecast turns out to be ten to fifteen degrees too high, you can slip it on under your jacket and have a fair approximation of a winter coat. Of course, that might only happen two or three times in the next two months—or not at all, to be honest—but when it does, you’ll be ready.

Since it’s fitting in your briefcase, the chunky wool end of the spectrum is right out. Honestly, even this Hill Side blanket scarf is pushing it. What you’ll find at the bottom of our briefcase is a featherweight cotton scarf from Columbiaknit, which has never let us down yet—but you should tailor your personal search to the local bluster tendency.

And if you’re far enough north… maybe just bring your coat.