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The Eight Gloves to Consider This Winter

  • Kempt Staff


When it comes to building your winter arsenal, it’s worth investing a bit more in the stuff that you’ll be reaching for day in and day out.

A trusty overcoat. Boots. And gloves.

About that last one—you should have the first two covered by now—we’ve rounded up the season’s finest new mitts to keep your hands warm and well-appointed.

Herewith, the eight gloves to consider this winter. 1212_Gloves_1 Filson

1212_Gloves_2 Club Monaco

1212_Gloves_3 Dunhill

1212_Gloves_4 Pendleton

1212_Gloves_5 Moncler Grenoble

1212_Gloves_6 Missoni

1212_Gloves_7 Dents

1212_Gloves_8 Loro Piana